Heavy Load

by Errol Chugg

Released 2015
Released 2015
A collection of 12 songs that have long been sitting in a drawer are finally dusted off and brought to life in this debut album by an Australian/American singer songwriter. A gentle mixture of heartache, hope and a few dashes of bottled bravado.
An eclectic collection of light rock, folk, Americana, jazz and tear jerkers. There's even a spaghetti western thrown in! These highly emotive songs feature brooding melodies and introspective lyrics. When all seems lost in despair, and you are set to leap from a bridge, "Heavy Load" ends with a happy-go-lucky toe-tapper. All songs written and sung by Errol Chugg. Musically performed by online artists from all over the world and by Christian Nesmith, who also mixed and produced.

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